Can I Follow A Low Carb Vegan Diet?

You can follow any kind of macronutrient ratio your heart desires!

Something to keep in mind, if you are new to a vegan diet, is that whole plant foods like beans, grains, fruit, and vegetables are naturally higher in carbohydrates than protein and fat. This means if you are following a healthy whole food regimen, your carbohydrate to protein and fat ratio will be higher in general.

Since weight gain or loss comes down to calories, it technically doesn’t matter how many carbs, proteins, or fats are in your diet. Also, this brings up the myth that carbs are the main cause of weight gain or obesity. This is not true. Excess calories cause weight gain, not carbs.

Carbohydrates are either burned immediately for fuel or stored as glycogen in our muscle and liver for later use. And if we really want to get technical, via a process called “De Novo Lipogenesis” 96% of weight gained in a caloric surplus comes from dietary fat. The remaining 4% comes from carbs. In other words, the body won’t turn excess carbohydrates to body fat because it is easier to turn a dietary fat (which is already a fat) into stored body fat. In fact, turning those excess carbohydrates to fat is a thermogenic process, meaning it burns more calories in the process.

In summary, don’t fear our beloved carbohydrate friends.

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