How To Go Vegan


Are you under the impression that going vegan is difficult? We are here to tell you it is much easier than you think! But there are some important things you should know first so that you can be as successful as possible in your journey!

Make sure you know what a vegan is, and what you can eat.

A vegan is someone who excludes animals from their diet, their clothing, and products. A vegan eats foods that grow from the ground, such as legumes, grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. They avoid meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, honey, and gelatin. There are some amazing vegan non-dairy milks, non-dairy cheese, faux meats, and a variety of classic snacks that are vegan.

Many people assume focus on the things that a vegan diet excludes rather than the vast majority of things you can eat. Most people end up having more variety in their diet once they go vegan. It literally opens people up to a new world of cuisine. Remember, you are only really taking a handful of things off of your plate. We often forget just how much food is available to us. There are thousands, upon thousands, of varieties of plants, which can all be made into the traditional dishes you love already. Things like burgers, burritos, tacos, pasta, stir fry, pizza (and so much more) can all be made vegan, without sacrificing flavor!

A support system is your best tool.

Making your personal health and lifestyle goals a priority can be difficult. It is true that your mind is influenced by who you hang around, and what you see consistently. When you’re surrounded by distractions, and other people who don’t get whether you stick to your lifestyle or not, it’s important to have an anchor that will keep you focused. Just having one person who is vegan, or at least respects your values, will be make this infinitely easier.

What’s your ‘why’

Figuring out why you are going vegan in the first place can be your biggest motivation. Whether you want to feel better, get healthier, or protect animals, your ‘why’ will be strong enough to keep you on track. Once you have your why, deviating off course won’t even be a option.

Stay connected on social media

Even though you might not personally know many people who are living the same lifestyle as you, you’ll find thousands just on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. This way you can be inspired by their recipes, food choices, and lifestyle.

Stay in the know.

Many people are curious about this lifestyle and want to know more about nutrition, the animal industry, and your own personal beliefs.

Have fun!

Not only will cutting out processed foods and eating more whole foods make you feel good, but this lifestyle will reward you in many other unexpected ways. You’ll be meeting new people and be able to experience things you’d never even think of, because being vegan opens up your mind. It gives you an opportunity to be a part of a loving, happy, and conscious lifestyle!

So are you ready to go vegan?

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