9 Ways A Vegan Diet Will Improve Your Health


vegan diet improves healthWhile many vegans do like to claim that a vegan diet is the cure all for all illnesses, the only cure for disease is the immune system. In that sense, a whole food diet is definitely more beneficial than one that contains animal products. Reducing animal product consumption and (even vegan junk food) has a dramatic affect on many processes in the body. In order to assist the body’s effort to heal itself, a plant based diet full of fruits and veggies is ideal.

Nevertheless, here are some amazing ways your health will improve if you go vegan.

  1. You will start using the bathroom normally – multiple times a day. This this probably the first thing people notice when they switch over, simply because a whole food diet is high in fiber. The fact is, most people are fiber deficient, and that can cause major constipation. You might be surprised to find out how rarely people use the bathroom!
  2. Your chronic stomach pains and stomach aches will most likely vanish. The major causes for stomach pains are animal proteins, dairy, and fats. If you pay attention, your stomach aches are probably taking place shortly after you eat, or during digestion. This is a good confirmation that your stomach pains are not random, as many people actually think. They are a reaction to what you just ate.
  3. Your energy will increase. There are so many reasons why your energy would improve following a plant based diet. One of the obvious ones is due to using the bathroom more regularly. Things that move right through the digestive tract take much less energy digest than animal products digest, which can stay trapped in your intestines for weeks. This puts a lot of strain on the body and can make you feel tired, heavy, and sluggish. Eating plants will make you feel weightless and energized. Another reason why energy seems so much better on a plant based diet is that most of your calories come from whole carbohydrates, and much less from saturated fat and animal protein, which is a heavy part of an animal based diet. This will dramatically improve insulin and metabolism.
  4. Your skin will clear up. People who live with acne or other skin maladies will eagerly try anything to correct the problem. Unfortunately, most creams, antibiotics, and pills don’t work for the majority of people. Popular “clear skin” rituals include, eating more vegetables, not eating sugar, and drinking more water. And while these are all very beneficial, they still don’t counteract the development of acne. The reason is because the problem is coming from within, and must be dealt with from within. Diet is the biggest contributor to chronic acne – especially the cystic kind that develops deep within the skin. There are countless testimonials of people who gave up dairy, eggs, and other animal products and healed their skin.
  5. Hormone levels will balance out or improve. This makes sense considering that all animals have the same hormones we do. Eating animal products is literally like ingesting a dose of hormones, like estrogen, testosterone, insulin, etc. Plant foods don’t contain animal hormones, and actually help to remove excess estrogen out of the body. They also help to improve the regulation of our body’s own hormone production, rather than processing additional hormones that belonged to another animal. We have many clients who reported their hormone related illnesses greatly improved or disappeared once they removed the animal products from their plates.
  6. Diabetes and insulin resistance can be reversed, rather than “managed”. Always consult a medical professional with any disease, but also be aware that 99% of doctors are ignorant about the impact that foods have on the body’s metabolism. Most people who have diabetes, insulin resistance, or a problem metabolizing carbohydrates, have tried every diet there is – especially low carb diets. These low carb diets, which are high in saturated fat and protein, ultimately damage the metabolism. In fact, one high fat/ high protein meal dramatically reduces insulin sensitivity, whereas a vegan meal greatly increases insulin sensitivity. Learn more about why high protein/high fat diets result in metabolic damage here.
  7. Cholesterol will drop and blood pressure normalizes. This one is a definite result of consuming a vegan diet, as cholesterol is only present in animal products to begin with. Typically within one week of ditching animal products, cholesterol drops significantly. Animal protein constricts blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and stress on the cardiovascular system. Replacing your animal fats and protein with complex carbohydrates can greatly improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  8. You may realize that you can focus longer and think more clearly. This has a lot to do with hormone levels improving, especially since whole foods help regulate blood sugar levels. They also help feed the brain what it needs – glucose. Even though the brain is the fattiest organ in the body, it still runs on blood sugar. Give your body a constant supply of healthy, whole foods (dense in carbohydrates) it stays energized and sharp. Not only do plants supply sufficient glucose to the brain, but they are also the healthiest sources of nutrients for brain function; vitamin c, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and omega fatty acids.
  9. You may get sick less and get rid of mucous in the body. When it’s constantly bombarded with foreign substances like proteins, fats, amino acids, hormones, bacteria, and antibiotics, it gets weakened. The body creates mucous to protect itself and contain these problems. Plants assist the body’s immune system in reducing inflammation and fighting off pathogens. Plants also help to increase blood flow and oxygenation to the blood stream which are essential in overall health.

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