Eggs and cholesterol raise serum cholesterol levels and cause oxidative stress:


Saturated fat impairs anti-inflammatory properties of HDL:


Relation between progression of atherosclerosis and serum cholesterol:


Cross sectional observation studies inadequate for heart disease research:


Dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol:


Optimal cholesterol levels:


Risk factors of atherosclerosis:


LDL particle size and atherosclerosis:


Saturated fat, cholesterol, and serum cholesterol:




Eggs Increase Cholesterol


Linear relationship between cholesterol and CVD:


LDL cholesterol and CVD risk:


Red meat and mortality:


Predictable changes between dietary lipids and serum cholesterol:


Cholesterol principle risk factor for CVD:


Saturated fat/cholesterol are pro inflammatory:


Cholesterol lowering medication protects against CVD events:


Higher cholesterol increases cardiovascular disease mortality risk:


Swapping saturated fat with monounsaturated fat significantly reduces risk of cardiac events:


Swapping saturated fat to polyunsaturated fat greatly decreases coronary events:


Replacing saturated fat with whole grains reduces heart disease:


Replacing saturated fat with carbs didn’t decrease heart disease but DOES decrease risk of death:


Saturated fat coming from meat is tied to mortality:


Cutting back on saturated fat is good for your heart:
Physicians Committee’s Stance on vegan and vegetarian diets:

A plant-based diet for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes