One-Time Vegan Nutrition Plan


A Personal Vegan Nutrition Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Feel Amazing!

Get your one-time personal vegan diet and nutrition plan! Your plan will be 100% personalized and created by a vegan nutritionist. Plus, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed along your new healthy lifestyle.

What You Get With Your Vegan Nutrition Plan:

    • A custom vegan nutrition plan and nutrition program plus, 4 weeks FREE of continuous nutrition coaching, adjustments, and body fat measurement analysis
    • Initial phone or email consultation to create your personalized plan better
    • Your nutritionist, who will create your personalized vegan diet plan to reach your goals
    • Your own personal nutrition account for you to see your nutrition plan, add custom foods, and track your calories, macros, and micros.
    • A vegan diet plan that will actually help you lose weight, get abs, lose inches, and improve digestion.
    • The beginning of a new lifestyle and knowledge

Healthy Recipes You’ll Love

You’ll get vegan recipes that amaze your taste buds and your metabolism. You can eat healthy and curb cravings at the same time!

Tools For Success

Make the most our of your vegan diet program with nutrition planning software, which you’ll have access to for 12 months. It comes with body measurement tracking, a body fat graph, progress photo comparisons, and food logs. Track your progress and see how your body is responding each week!

Customized Nutrition

Your personalized vegan diet plan will be customized to you. Your meal plan will show up in your account, so you can see your macros, micros, shopping lists, and calorie requirements according to your weight loss goals.
vegan diet and meal plan


Your nutritionist will stay on top of you by contacting you each week, by looking at your body fat and progress photos. You’ll also receive daily support, text messages, and weekly phone calls to keep you motivated and on track!

Workout Regimen

You’ll also get a custom workout program to enhance your new lifestyle changes!

Social Community

The Meal Plans Plus community wants to get to know you and keep you engaged with us!


About Jaclyn Tiffany, Your Nutritionist


“I have been following a plant based diet and vegan lifestyle for 6 years. It was the game changer for me. I was able to reduce my body fat from about 25% to 16% over a few months time. I got rid of my chronic digestive issues, cystic acne, and changed my body composition altogether.

“For years, I have been helping people improve their lifestyle, through food, training, and mindset. But, after I changed my diet, I became passionate about helping others reach their goals with a plant based, vegan diet as well. As a nutritionist, I create nutrition plans for my clients and coach them to their goal. This includes continuous communication, bi-weekly body fat and body composition tracking, weekly progress photo check ins, and workout program designs.

“I’m obsessed with health and fitness, and I love helping people achieve their goals. The most common things people want to achieve are weight loss, fat loss, and muscle growth – and it’s even better when they want to do it with a vegan nutrition regimen! I’ve been overweight and unhealthy, but I’ve achieved a lean and healthy physique I’m proud of! I’ve experienced struggles that help me understand what kind of support and nutrition my clients need.

“I knew that in order to reach more people get healthy and fit, I needed to create something bigger…and that’s when Meal Plans Plus got started. It has everything you need, including me, to make reaching your goals much simpler and practical.”

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Your One-Time Vegan Nutrition Plan Awaits You!

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