One-Time Vegan Nutrition Plan

A Personal Vegan Nutrition Plan That Will Help You Lose Weight, Burn Fat & Feel Amazing!

Get your one-time personal vegan diet and nutrition plan! Your plan will be 100% personalized and created by a vegan nutritionist. Plus, you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed along your new healthy lifestyle.

What You Get With Your Vegan Nutrition Plan:

    • A custom vegan nutrition plan and nutrition program
    • Clients can receive calorie, macro, or recipe adjustments anytime within 4 weeks after getting initial plan
    • 2 body fat measurement analysis
    • Initial phone or email consultation
    • A vegan diet plan that will actually help you lose weight, get a flatter stomach, lose inches, and improve digestion.
    • The beginning of a new lifestyle and knowledge

Healthy Recipes You’ll Love

You’ll get vegan recipes that amaze your taste buds and your metabolism. You can eat healthy and curb cravings at the same time!

Personal Nutrition Plan

Your plan will be completely customized to you. This means it will be based on your dietary preferences, and goals in mind. We will create you what we feel is best to


Your nutritionist will stay on top of you to make sure you have the support you need. You’ll also receive emails, 2 progress check-ins, and 2 phone calls.

Social Community

The Meal Plans Plus community wants to get to know you and keep you engaged with us!