Nutrition Menu Labeling

Save BIG on nutrition labeling for you vegan restaurant for the month of January 2019!

Why Should You Get Nutrition Labeling For Your Menu

People are becoming much more curious about their calorie and nutrient intake when eating out. And, considering the number of vegan restaurants opening up all over the globe, it’s clear people are making their health a priority. People want to know how many carbs, fats, and proteins are in their meal. Some people even want to know what vitamins and minerals they are getting. By providing this info for your customers, you are helping them make more informed decisions about what they order. And since people love information, they will love dining at your establishment even more.

Nutrition Labeling Regulations

If you are a chain restaurant with over 20 locations, you are required to provide the calorie information for your menus in accordance with the FDA’s guidelines for the industry.

But for small, independently owned restaurants who have less than 20 locations, providing nutritional information is optional. Plus, it can be done at a much lower cost, and without having to comply to all the FDA guidelines that large chains do.

Nutrition Analysis At An Affordable Price

Many restaurant owners are interested in getting the nutrition information for their menu items, but are wary that this process is out of their budget. Fortunately, providing nutrition information to your customers isn’t as costly, or timely, as you’d think. Getting your menu items analyzed in a lab setting or independent consultation, although more accurate, could cost up to several hundred dollars per menu item – sometimes even per hour. Online nutrition software can cost anywhere between $50-300 a month which can analyze your recipes. However, learning how to use the software and inputting the list of ingredients yourself is another story. Most busy restaurant owners or staff simply don’t have the time to do this themselves, so out sourcing this process is more practical.

About Our Nutrition Labeling

We will calculate the calories, macro nutrients (protein, carbs, fat, and fiber), and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) information for all your menu items and recipes! Our detailed nutrition software sources all its information straight from the USDA database. In addition, it contains all the amazing vegan and plant based food brands or products that you might be using in your recipes!

Your nutrition analysis will consist of the following:

  • Nutritional analysis reports
  • File formats of your choice: JPG; PNG; PDF
  • Consulting with our nutrition team to accommodate your requests and answer questions

Our Nutrition Labeling Packages

$85 $55 per item for a minimum of 15-19 menu items

$75 $45 per item for a minimum of 20-24 menu items

$65 $35 per item for a minimum of 25-29 menu items

$55 $25 per item for 30 or more menu items

A la Carte

$100 per item for single menu items

If you’d like us to do the nutrition info for your menu, fill out the short form below and we will get back to you in 24 hrs!

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