Iridology Reading

Not only does the Iris allow us to view the outside world, but it can tell us a lot about the inside world of your body! The Iris can tell us a lot about the health of the cells, tissues, organs, and glands. It is an invaluable tool and roadmap to getting well. We can see the health of the stomach and bowels, endocrine glands, lymphatic system, and overall strength of cells to show you exactly what you need to work on to get well again.

You can even see your healing progress in as little as 6 months with a retake of your eye photo! Schedule an appointment to have your eyes read today!

Iris Photo Analysis

Know your inner health. Get a road map for your health with an Iris Analysis. This non invasive science tells us the strength or weakness of your cells and shows the most important system for health and healing – the lymphatic system. Now you can know the true health of the body and know exactly what to work on and the best herbs to take for your situation. After 6 months of a protocol, you can retake your eye photos to see your progress.

$100 for basic Iris Analysis (know your strengths and weaknesses)

$150 for Iris Analysis, Dietary Protocol, and Herbal Protocol

$200 for all of the above, plus 2 hours of coaching/ education. Additional hours are $75


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