About Us

Meal Plans Plus was created so that everyone could successfully transition into or maintain a plant based diet. Being vegan fitness and nutritional enthusiasts, our passion is keeping ourselves strong, and healthy from a plant based lifestyle (vegan). Many people go vegan to achieve specific health or fitness goals, as well as to improve physical appearance. We know what it’s like to transition from a typical American diet to a plant based one while staying lean and athletic, and you can do the same!

Meal Plans Plus is here to offer you the tools that you need to transition into a new lifestyle and reach your fitness goals! These tools are perfect for those who are new to healthy eating and fitness, as well as seasoned athletes and competitors who need more detail and fine tuning in their nutrition plan, body composition, and fitness routine.

Many individuals who’s goals are to transition to a plant based lifestyle, or just get healthier in general, need the necessary tools and knowledge to do it the right way. Knowing what to eat, how much, what nutrients to get more of, and what your workout routine should look like, are all important parts of the process, and things you should know if you want to reach your goal!

We know the key to reaching all your goals (health, physical, and mental) is to realize that health is more than a phase, and more than a goal with a deadline. Health results from a lifestyle. We know that to be successful, you need more than a temporary diet. To be successful, you need a system with tools, and people that will keep you focused, on task, and accountable. Meal Plans Plus is here to get you into the habit of living a plant based lifestyle and seeing the results you want with it